Dev Diary 3: Awake Too Long

How long has it been? Months?

Yeah, that sounds about right. Anyways, sorry about that. Been busy with the holidays, bug testing, coding the AI and multiplayer, my computer slowly dying, and more bug testing.

Mostly the last two.Dec Diary 3_10

So, with that out of the way, (and while my laptop isn’t dead) let’s get started on the updates.


dev_diary_3_1As of now, the AI for Tyrannis has been finished, with both Rebel and Mercenary AI implemented. So far, both are capable of deployment, combat, selecting a new owner for a State or a Region, and voting at the end of the game.

Of course, there are a few tweaks that I might make before the release in May, such as making the Mercenary AI a little less trigger-happy and willing to burn down a third of the Western Hemisphere every other turn, but that’s just a matter of adjusting variables.

Online Multiplayer

dev_diary_3_2Online multiplayer allows for up to eight people around the world to play Tyrannis together in a peer-to-peer connections. All you need is an internet connection and the host’s IP address, and you’ll be able to play Tyrannis.

As of writing, online multiplayer is up and running, but there will be continuous testing up until the release, so that you and your friends will be able to play together on day one.


dev_diary_3_3Although this was not planned, Tyrannis will have player profiles to help players track their stats throughout all their games. Whether it is the player’s win-loss ratio, their performance in combat, or the amount of territory they’ve gained or loss through attrition, you’ll be able to know how you’re doing.

Plus there’s always the chance you might be able to unlock a few things here or there, but that’s all I’m saying for now.

Save System Overhaul

dev_diary_3_4In addition, the system for saving and loading has been overhauled to make it compatible with online multiplayer, local multiplayer, and transitioning in between the two.

In previous builds, including the initial demo, Tyrannis could save and load games on the fly as well as from the startup menu. While simple, this caused issues when a local game was loaded into multiplayer, or vice-versa, as well as issues with the AI.

Now Tyrannis works on a system of autosaves. At the end of every turn, an autosave file is created that can be saved and then loaded in the pregame lobby for both multiplayer and singleplayer skirmishes, regardless of the origin and without any of those glitches in the AI.


  • Gameplay AI (Fully Working, Adjusting for Balance)
  • Online Multiplayer (Fully Implemented)
  • Stretch Goals (Forms Sent Out)
  • Tutorial (Being Implemented)

Post-Launch Content

Update 1.1.0: Custom Faction Creatordev_diary_3_5

  • Create custom factions for local and online multiplayer
  • Share your unique factions with your friends through online multiplayer

Update 1.2.0: Reconnaissance Skirmishesdev_diary_3_6

  • A new Skirmish mode for 2- 8 players
  • Rebels scout out Mercenary territory
  • Mercenaries try to root out Rebel networks
  • Victory comes from gathering intelligence rather than conquest

Update 1.3.0: AI Profile Overhauldev_diary_3_7

  • Using player gameplay data, profiles can be used to create AI players that simulate a player’s decision making.
  • Connect with friends to share your profiles
  • Play against yourself or other players in Local Skirmishes and Online Skirmishes.

Update 1.4.0: Insurgency Skirmishesdev_diary_3_8

  • Hardcore Skirmish mode for 2-8 players
  • In-depth gameplay that replaces the reinforcement system with supplies and recruitment
  • Build intelligence and support networks to get the upper hand on the enemy
  • Compatible with the AI Profile Overhaul

Update 1.5.0: Custom Mapsdev_diary_3_9

  • Create a Custom Map of up to 30 Regions
  • Compatible with Classic, Reconnaissance, and Insurgency Skirmishes
  • Playable with Online Multiplayer and AI players
  • Connect with your friends to share your custom maps

Backer Rewards

If you are a backer of Tyrannis and have pledged $25 or more, you can submit your name for the Credits and the Easter Egg, as well as your custom faction if you pledged $50 or more, as long as they do not include the following:

  • Copyright infringement
  • The promotion of racism, discrimination, or other forms of bigotry, particularly extremist groups (i.e. the Klan, the Nazis)
  • Violation of personal privacy

As long as those aren’t present, your name and/or faction will be added to Tyrannis.

Click here to submit your name and/or faction, and click here for the custom faction icon template.

And with that out of the way, I would like to thank all of you for following Tyrannis, and again, sorry for the long delay. Be sure to follow us online at cghone.com, @cGh_ONE on Twitter, and cGh ONE, our YouTube channel.


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