Dev Diary 5: Architects

Two updates in the same month? It’s more likely than you’d think. Then again, it’s one of the luxuries that come with being able to work from home.

Last thing we need is more bosses telling people that if they’re worried about getting sick, they can either go to work or not get paid.

But if there is any silver lining in this, it’s that the Tyrannis Beta has been updated thanks to people like you, and you can play it right now.

Menu Adjustments

There’s been a few minor tweaks in the menu system, specifically the Skirmish Lobby. It’s little things, such as the game alerting players that there aren’t enough people in the Skirmish, or faction selection returning to the previous menu.


Interface Adjustments

In addition, there are several new additions to the Interface, from the bookmarks on the Stats Menu, to the Map Filter Information that can be shown by hovering over the icon. And on the map itself, you might notice the Unit icons spaced out a bit better to show where Units are appearing on the map.DD_05_02

Not to mention the informational overlays that appear when you hover over the State. From the Deployment Phase showing how many Units you still need to Deploy, to the Income or the Infrastructure of the State, players will have more efficient access to information.DD_05_03

Rapid Attacks and Deselection

To speed up gameplay, players moving Units can now hold Shift to automatically attack with the Unit they’re moving.DD_05_04

When selecting a State, players can now click outside of the selected or highlighted States to instantly deselect the current State.DD_05_05


Players now have the option to use hotkeys instead of relying solely on the mouse. This includes pressing Enter instead of clicking End Turn, deselecting States by pressing Backspace, using the arrow keys to move around, pressing Escape to open up the Pause Menu, and pressing the number keys to change the Map Filter.

Players can press 1 to show the State Owner, 2 to show the Region Owner, 3 to show the Estimated Enemy Presence, 4 to see the Infrastructure Level, 5 to show the State Income Per Turn, 6 for Unit Recruitment, and 7 for Infrastructure Construction.DD_05_06

Undoing Actions

Players can undo any action they have done during a turn with the press of a button. Simply tap on the Undo button to cancel any action.DD_05_07

This concludes the update for the Tyrannis Beta. And if you experience any errors, you can report them here, so they can be fixed in time for next month’s launch.

And as I’ve said before, stay safe, stay home (if you can), and play video games.

Like Tyrannis, now that it’s updated. Hopefully these little fixes will make gameplay a lot easier.


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