Dev Diary 6: Behind Closed Doors

If we’re being honest, the world’s probably not in a good place right now. COVID’s not letting up and folks are being “encouraged” to come in to work under penalty of fraud.

But enough about the real world. Let’s talk about Tyrannis, where these kinds things happen, but at least it’s fictional and the Beta has been updated.

Beta Update

This week’s update adds online multiplayer to the Tyrannis Beta, where you and up to three other players can team up or fight one another across up to five different Regions.

To access Online Multiplayer, tap on “Skirmish” then select “Online,” instead of “Local.”


After that, select “Host” to host a Skirmish, and “Join” to join another player’s Skirmish.


If you’re joining, type out the IP address of the player hosting the game, then hit “Join Game.”


Preparing For Launch

With the custom factions and the credits sequence overhauled, all that remains are the Backers cameos via Easter Eggs, implementing faction abilities, and more balancing.


However, this, plus some continued testing and submitting the game to Steam, will push Tyrannis back to an early June release.

Nevertheless, when Tyrannis releases, all backers will receive a Steam Code to download Tyrannis.


This concludes the update for the Tyrannis Beta.

Click here to download the Beta. And if you experience any errors, you can report them here, so they can be fixed in time for next month’s launch.

And as I’ve said before, stay safe, stay home (if you can), and play video games.


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