infinite voyager

February 5 Patch Notes

24 hours in, and I’ve gotten some constructive feedback from you all about Infinite Voyager. Keep it coming.

I get it. Scanning planets isn’t the most fun thing to do in the galaxy. Not when you can fly around and commit space piracy.

So, I’ve done a few things to make it worth your while:

  • Increased scanning speed and flight speed when exploring.
  • Ships will now remain in-orbit and deploy their Aeternus Type-381 “Galaxy” drone to scout planets.
  • The Aeternus Type-381 Galaxy can detect jettisoned cargo, resource deposits, and credit pods.

In addition, there are a few fixes for glitches that’ve been reported:

  • When saving, ghost ships will no longer appear to crash your game.
  • The AI controlling combat ships will no longer pursue you unless you’ve done something to anger them enough to attack you.
  • In the unexplored systems, that includes existing.

Anyways, I hope you all are having fun with Infinite Voyager.

And remember:

It will always be ethical to steal from the Aeternus Corporation.


infinite voyager

Infinite Voyager is Here!

Sorry I’ve been off the radar. Been working on something for the last few months.

And here it is!

Infinite Voyager is a top-down space exploration game that lets players pilot a ship through an infinite galaxy.


Top-Down Space Combat.

Trade Empires.

Exploring Planets.

An Infinite Galaxy to Explore.

And this is before the updates.

All for $5.00,

So, where do I begin?

Purchase Infinite Voyager on Steam.